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Operation Moshtarak is going strong, my main character, a British Serb is a pilot in the RAF, he flies transport-reconnaissance aircraft, his R&R is cut short by his CO who needs him for a secret mission. He is told that he will be transporting SEAL Team Six of the United States Navy to a drop zone, where they will conduct secret combat operations against key Taliban leaders. After dropping them down, 10 minutes later, he receives word that ST6 is under attack, he picks them up from the exfil point, but encounters a hot LZ.
Two of the 8-man team are killed while in a firefight, the rotor of his Chinook sustains minor damage, him and his team are forced to land at a secondary LZ, on their way there they inadvertently fly over a secret "black site" used by the CIA and are shot down by Stinger missiles. The men who survive the crash.


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