I aint gonna lie to yall Authentic Lamar Miller Jersey , its late and Im running on a little over five hours of sleep.So Im going to keep this short.Even though it was the Dolphins, it was great to see the Texans offense, which had been struggling pretty much since the start of the season, finally broke out to hang a fortyburger on someone.It felt good.It felt good to see the Deshaun Watson we had been expecting since training camp started, it felt good to see Lamar Miller churning huge chunks of yardage, it felt really good to leave our traditional All-Field-Goal Offense on the shelf for once, and that DeAndre Hopkins catch made me feel things that I thought were long since dead.This was an encouraging win, but man it might have come at a Pyrrhic price.Fuller could have a torn ACL, Joseph went out of the game early and didnt come back.Theres still no official word about whos been injured and how badly yet but this win came at a bit of a physical price.But at least they won.Our Texans have won five straight games and the worst quarterback in Texans history has been sent off with his tail between his legs.Ill take it.And now lets get to The Dog.As always, in finest Hair of the Dog tradition, all swear words have been replaced with the word [kitten] to make this safe for work.And thanks to the antics of Shawn Smith and his crew, [kitten] appears quite frequently.Also, with the appearance of a certain quarterback who allegedly (though not proven beyond a reasonable doubt) played for the Texans, all references to that quarterback will be replaced with the word [Pookie].Pre-Game ReactionsMatt Burnham (New Matt, coming soon to a BRB near you)Kenneth L.First QuarterUTCapt Ron(Kickoff results in penalty against Dolphins, accepted by Texans, leads to re-kick and uncertainty)UT(Texans re-kick, get touchback, followed by penalty against Texans)WestonUT(Holding against the Dolphins.)BFD(Dolphins go for it on fourth down Authentic Jadeveon Clowney Jersey , fail to convert.Texans recover.)UTWestonNew MattLukeUT (to Luke)TimCapt RonUTLuke (to UT)UT (to Luke)Weston(Johnathan Joseph is injured and does not return to the game.)UTLuke (to UT)BFDCapt Ron (from the game,)VegaBFDCapt RonLukeCapt RonUT(Dolphins score a touchdown on the next drive, lead 7-0.)UTVegaBFDUT (to BFD)LukeUT (to Luke)BFD (to UT)(Lamar Miller scores a rushing touchdown from the two yard line.Game is tied 7-7.)BFDCapt RonVegaSecond QuarterBFD([Pookie] throws an interception caught by Justin Reid.)UTLukeBFDVegaCapt Ron(Watson throws a pass to Jordan Thomas, Texans lead 14-7.)Capt RonWestonJeremyUT (to Weston)Capt RonUTVegaBFDUT (to Vega)Weston(Kareem Jackson appears injured after pulverizing Dolphins receiver, walks off the field on his own power.)UTJeremyCapt RonUTVegaLuke (to UT)UT (to Vega)BFD (to Vega)BFDCapt RonVega(Jordan Thomas called for a penalty.)UTBFDKenneth L.UTWeston(Dolphins kick a field goal.Texans lead 14-10.)BFDWestonBFDUT (to BFD)Kenneth L.VegaUTKenneth L.BFDWestonUT (to Weston)Vega(Kareem Jackson wipes another receiver off the face of the earth.)UTBFD(Keyes hits [Pookie], forcing him to throw a beautiful thrumble backwards which is picked up by Natrell Jamerson for a touchdown.)UTMikeVegaMDCVega (to MDC)[Ed. Note:You would [kitten]ing think so, wouldnt you?!]BFDUT(The ball is ruled a forward pass, somehow, and incomplete.Dolphins maintain possession.)UTBFD(Texans get the ball back and take a knee.Refs call a penalty, forcing the Texans to come back onto the field and take a knee again because these people are terrible.)Halftime ReactionsBFDCapt RonUTBFD (to UT)Weston (to UT)Capt Ron (to UT)UTThird QuarterUT(Texans face fourth and goal at the two yard line, stop us if youve heard this one before.)UTBFD(Watson throws another touchdown to Jordan Thomas, Texans lead 21-10, despite the refs best efforts.)UTBFDWestonKenneth L.(DeAndre Hopkins catches a ball with his leg in mid-air.Referees call offsetting penalties negating the catch, because they hate you and want you to be unhappy.)BFDKenneth L.WestonCapt Ron(Dolphins pull off some trickeration, score a passing touchdown once they take the ball out of [Pookie]s hands.Texans lead 21-17.)UTCapt RonKenneth L.UTLukeKenneth L. (to UT)(Watson throws a deep bomb to Fuller.Texans lead 28-17.)UTVegaJeremyCapt RonLukeWestonUT (to Luke)([Pookie] throws pass to Dolphins receiver, bounces off his hands, bounces off a Texans helmet, and possibly a heretofore unseen chandelier, into the hands of another Dolphins receiver further upfield.)UTVega (to UT)Kenneth L.(Dolphins kick another field goal.Texans 28 - Dolphins 13 - Refs 7.)BFD(Texans recover a Dolphins onside kick attempt.)Kenneth L.Fourth QuarterVegaBFD[Ed. Note:...oooooooookay...](Clemson connection scores a practically undefended deep touchdown.Texans lead 35-20.)UTJeremyWestonVegaUT (to Vega)MDC(Dolphins with another field goal.
Texans lead 35-23.)UTBFD(Will Fuller injures his knee.Dolphins called for pass interference, holding http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/chr...ovington-jersey , and illegal contact.)UTKenneth L.UTVegaWeston(Watson to Hopkins for another Clemson Connection.Texans lead 42-23.)UTBrettBFDKenneth L.(Texans win 42-23.NO FIELD GOALS!)Game BallsOffense - Deshaun Watson had more touchdown passes than he had incompletions last night, so its hard not to give the game ball to him.Defense - J.J. Watt makes a good argument for a game ball, but Im going to give it to Kareem Jackson for his two vicious hits on Dolphins receivers.I felt those just sitting in my recliner all the way in Seattle.That deserves a game ball.Special Teams - Surprisingly quiet night on the special teams front.So lets give it again to Trevor Daniel for some sick deep punts he kicked last night.Want to give a game ball to a different player?Got a disagreement with something we said last night?Let us know in the comments section!Operators are standing by!Red Zone Play: Six Reasons To Get Excited About the Texans Its funny how everyone knows the preseason doesnt count, yet we all get excited for the games. Last weeks battle with the Kansas City Chiefs was no different. As far as the outcome, it was truly meaningless, but that doesnt equate to a total lack of importance.While the six reasons to get excited about the 2018 Houston Texans listed below might all turn out to be Lestar Jean moments, lets talk about the bright spots. Offensive Line: While they certainly didnt perform like a pack of All-Pros and didnt face a ferocious front seven, Houstons offensive line looked vastly improved from last year. Deshaun Watson stayed clean as a whistle (in fact, Im not sure he even broke a sweat) and Lamar Miller had a nice, effective run in the opening drive. For anyone paying attention, this group certainly is a step up over the series of traffic cones deployed last season. Brandon Weeden: If you had any doubt, this guy has a cannon and isnt afraid to sling it. From his command of the playbook to his control in the pocket to his ability to move at the speed of NFL play, Weeden proved he deserved to stay in Houston when Tom Savage was handed his walking papers. Should DW4 go down again, the Texans are much better off with Weeden than Savage. You might even be able to argue that Joe Webb looked better than Savage鈥?Julien Davenport: Heres a mid-round pick entering his second season as the starter in one of the most important positions on the team. Not only was he impressive, the announcers were discussing how he spent the offseason learning everything he could about defense so he knew how to read what was coming at him and how to adjust accordingly. With that mindset, and with guys like J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus, Romeo Crennel and Johnathan Joseph there to teach him what to look for, expect and react to, this kid should turn out more than just alright. And lets not forget that 73 wingspan.Duke Ejiofor: Although Houston couldnt manage to land a star quarterback for years http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/kareem-jackson-jersey , picking up a great pass rusher seems like it just comes naturally. Ejiofor showed the same only runs in top gear motor weve all come to know and love via Watt, Mercilus and the others. Pairing him with Jadeveon Clowney, Dylan Cole, D.J. Reader, Benardrick McKinney and Zach Cunningham is going to give Romeo Crennel even more opportunity to shotgun blast an opposing offensive line. This kid is embracing the be the best teammate I can be philosophy and doing it in an exciting manner. Special Teams: This might have been the most competent special teams outing in recent memory. While that isnt saying a lot, competent is improvement in Houston. Sure, Tyler Ervin is still back there fielding kicks for some unknown reason, but hopefully some other guys will get a chance this week when Houston hosts the 49ers Saturday night. At least Ervin managed to keep the ball off the ground鈥?Troymaine Pope: Talk about flying under the radar.This kid has wings, not wheels. Watching him jet through the line reminded me of an early, unpolished Darren Sproles. Having a guy like that to offset Miller and (hopefully) DOnta Foreman should give Bill OBrien some better options than he had last season. While the jury is still out on whether Foreman will ever return to form and Alfred Blue appears to be firmly entrenched on the roster as the A-Gap Guy, keeping Pope around might lead to some unexpectedly explosive running plays at just the right time.While none of these players are stars, knowing that Watson, DAandre Hopkins, Watt, Clowney and the Honey Badger are all prowling the sideline, waiting to add their abilities to the efforts of the rest of the team, its easy to get optimistic that the Texans can return to form this season. With all the talk of J.J. Watt aiming for his next DPOY and excitement about just what Deshaun Watson will do to opposing defenses this year, its okay to amp up the energy level and get jazzed for the 2018 Houston Texans. What were your top highlights from the first preseason game? See something that got your adrenaline flowing? Waiting for this weekends game to check out something that didnt play out last week?