Ive been to one once before in Sacramento http://www.texansauthorizedshops.com/authe...airbairn-jersey , California. In the middle of a summer back when the cities were national parks and not the forests and streams and granite mountains. Things reversed. When you live in the woods and desert humanity and society becomes the escape, the strange place. A grocery store is fascinating. Do we really need that many brands of canned beans? Damn Id do a lot to just sit in an air conditioning and watch a movie. Wait, I can like, just go take a shower. And when I was out there, at that state fair, I ate fried food, drank some plastic bottles of wine I couldnt afford D.J. Reader Jersey , and watched the junk yard cars crashed into each other. Today, the TEXAS state fair was about the same. The food was fried. There were the same insane backyard coasters put together with paste and rubber bands. The major difference is that the fair in Texas revolves around the big OU-UT football game, the Cotton Bowl is right in the center of it, wow!, I had no idea, and the one out in California revolves around a horse racing track. Anyways, the turkey leg clogged me up Authentic Christian Covington Jersey , the drinks I had to suck down tickets wore me out, and now Im rallying with V8 and coffee and thinking about the past to see black and white and try to make myself austere and reflective so I can really enjoy this The National show. Anyways, thats all I got. The floor is yours to talk about whether its Texans-related or not. Just remember the standard commenting rules apply.Derek Newton Files Grievance Against Houston Texans Remember 2016? Damn, what a crappy year. The Texans played the Broncos on Monday Night Football. [NAME REDACTED] threw a fumble that went farther than his yards per attempt that game. The Texans were massacred by an actual good football team once again. But that wasnt even the worst part. The most brutal act was Von Miller vaporizing Derek Newtons knee caps. The right tackles career came to an end right there in Denver.Since that moment, Newton has tried to crawl back on the field, but he hasnt been able to. He was stuck in this weird purgatory where he was trying to come back, and no one heard anything about his recovery externally. Then Youth Tyrann Mathieu Jersey , this past offseason, the Texans released him from their roster. That wasnt the end to this. Newton filed a grievance with the NFL to try and recoup a roster bonus that was supposed to be paid out on April 1st, as he wasnt released until April 12th. The rest of Newtons contract was already settled when he was released last year. Theres no logic or rational thinking when it comes to this. Its all sentimentality. I loved watching Derek Newton play football, mostly because I was wrapped up in this whole write and argue about football online.I sang from the Derek Newton mountaintops that he was some lower pad level away from being a competent football player. It happened. He went from a seventh round draft pick to a millionaire, one of the rare ones who makes it from the cracked egg shell to the ocean to a carapace. This whole thing has just made me terribly sad.Just pay him the little bit of bonus, Texans. His peak earning years were evaporated along with his patella tendons. The Texans are a billions upon billions of dollars enterprise. They clean up wads with $500,000. This is an opportunity to do the right thing instead of merely saying they do the right thing. But Womens Tyrann Mathieu Jersey , no, instead theyll keep their hands clenched and not help out a player who made an enormous contribution to this franchise.