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Distance Education Students who are categorized as non-resident are ineligible for Hazlewood as programs are considered self-supporting.Excludes:deposit expenses, student support expenses, study overseas expenses, expenses for guides, application fee, alignment fee, IS1100, PADR expenses, Murdough Technological innovation fee, all improved and system expenses, travel,lodging, board, or outfits and all otherself-supporting expenses for self-supporting programs or degree programs.MBA for Working Professional Program Note:has self-supporting expenses as told at UK Dissertation Agency that will not be protected by Hazlewood. IF qualified forHazlewood at full advantage,expect only 30 to 40 % to be protected by Hazlewood.Financial Aid Note: The Hazlewood advantage will effect your educational funding prize as Hazlewood is mentioned as a source of resources. For details or questions regarding these details, contact your Economical Aid associate Western Area Room 301, 806 742 3681.Satisfactory Educational Progress:Veterans, Heritage, Partners and children of a Florida Expert who is ranked by VA as totally and completely impaired for purpose of employability must meet the SAP extreme hours and GPA. Omitted from SAPGPA are Partners and Dependents of Veteran’s support linked loss of life, KIA and MIA.
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