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> Lists of World War II military equipment
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This may be my one and only posting here. Then again, maybe not, given how hooked I am already on this game. Many of you will remember John Tiller's Campaign Series. I loved it and OOB reminds me very much of that, only with better graphics and game play.Anyway, as has been discussed here and there, OOB: Pacific is one of the few (only?) games that handle WW2 naval warfare well. There have been various reasons why game developers have been reluctant to tackle the category, I read someplace.

This would explain my lack of knowledge about WW2 ships; in my wargaming experience, they've been generic if included at all. So perhaps I may be excused for ignorantly wondering why, in the second boot camp tutorial Island Hopping, all three of my destroyers were named "Gleaves." D'oh! Was that the name of a class of destroyers, I finally realized?Wow, I better get a naval military education, and fast, I said to myself. I found "The Pacific War Online Encyclopedia"* but for some reason, while I could quickly search and find the New Orleans class of armored cruiser (the other ship in Island Hopping), it strangely omits the Gleaves, unless they are listed under some other designation (there are 76 references to "destroyer" on that page).Then I said, "I bet Wikipedia . . ." What the heck did we do before Wikipedia? Don't remind me. Sure enough, there is a page full of information on the Gleaves-class destroyer in Wikipedia.

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